At EGS, our Educational ERP is the most comprehensive administration automation suite for all kinds of educational institutions such as schools, collage, institution or university. With number of features, our Educational ERP system is currently in use by many institutions including universities, international schools, day and residential schools and colleges. Providing massive user base and diverse requirements, SM Technologies offer education software that features and support for different operational modules.The whole purpose of this product to record each information related to working of your organization such as registrations, payment details of students, along with every detail of teachers. You can also plan out time-table, your class-schedules for a period. Along with this, Education ERP provides you the facility of maintaining records related to your daily monetary transactions such as student fees records, teacher's payment records (monthly & weekly basis both) as well as records related to Bus operators, Library, Payroll etc. and amazingly, all this under one Platform – Education ERP . Education ERP provides you Data Security Feature with minimum user level Access Control. Flexible Subject Maintenance gives you facility to add / delete subjects which you will introduce in future & to view various reports for smooth functioning and standardization of all system activities taking place inside your Institution.

Easy to manage administration. Keep the all record of the school. Improve interaction between teachers and parents. Supported 24/7.
Reduce cost and resource inefficiencies. Gain better control of process. Enhance productivity, customer satisfaction, flexibility and control Manage operations from more than one office location. Improve communication and collaboration between all areas of your business.
Single Point School Management Software. Zero redundancy in managing the institutions records. Effective communication between teachers, parents and students. Creation of School's tech savvy image. Complete automation of all operations. Centrally stored information with zero redundancy. Best possible resource optimization. Auto-generation of timetables with dynamic substitute management. Availability of microscopic as well as macroscopic views Cost-effective one point solution for total School management.
Enhanced interaction with teachers, parents and peers. Access to attendance, timetable, marks, grades and examination schedule. Liberty to publish articles and views, and participate in discussion forums. Freedom to browse through library books catalogue and identify the book(s) to be issued. Help Line. Prior information about School events and holidays. Events Calendar
Get connected to the School effectively and easily. Frequent interaction with professors. Active participation in School Activities. Reliable update on child's attendance, progress report and fee payment. Prior information about School events and holidays. Regular and prompt availability of School updates through articles, discussion forums, image gallery and messaging system.

Our Inventory Management system have seprate login for every user like Admin, Purchase Officer/Manager, Wharehouse, and Sales. Their have own login and own access. Our Inventory Management System have clean design for every user. For example, if Purchase office or Mangaer logged in, our system shows only their modeules on home and clear idea.Our Inventory Management System have reports on every important modules. Purchase office, Sales, Warehouse and Admin all get reports from their module, etc...
Create as many user accounts as you need
Specify which items or locations users can access
Admin can change passwords for users, add, and delete users with easy
Export reports in excel or csv format
Popular standard reports
No need to sync data from multiple clients
Updates occur instantly, no more waiting for transactions to post
Easily view all of your Purchase Orders
View your un received Purchase orders by Vendor or Item
Override the payment terms on the transaction
Purchase Order Status Reports at your fingertips

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The Online Blood Donation management System is to create an e-Information about the donor and organization that are related to donating the blood. Through this application any person who is interested in donating the blood can register himself in the same way if any organization wants to register itself with this site that can also register. Moreover if any general consumer wants to make request blood online he can also take the help of this site. Admin is the main authority who can do addition, deletion, and modification if required.Online Blood Donation management System project is aimed to developing an online Blood Donation Information. The entire Online Blood Donation management System project has been developed keeping in view of the distributed client server computing technology, in mind. The Blood Donation Agent is to create an e-Information about the donor and organization that are related to donating the blood. Through this Online Blood Donation management System application any person who is interested in donating the blood can register himself in the same way if any organization wants to register itself with this site that can also register. Moreover if any general consumer wants to make request blood online he can also take the help of this site. Admin is the main authority who can do addition, deletion, and modification if required.


JMS (Journal Management System) is a powerful online journal management script.Every individual Phd guides and institutions who are interested to run an online journal and get impact factor can use JMS to fulfil their dreams. its developed in a way to meet all the process of a research paper publishing mechanism. Site owner can easily earn money by both reviewing and publishing the manuscripts. And also can earn by printed journals. JMS is fully responsive integrated with Bootstrap and developed using Codeigniter framework.

Content Management
Once you "turned the key" of your job website it takes minimal effort to manage website content – edit website pages, add banners, classified ads, and meta tags for your website.
Optimized for mobile
Ready-made website for recruitment agency with clean and responsive website design that provides an optimal user experience on mobile phones, tablets and desktops.
Employers accounts
Employer accounts allow recruiters to create detailed company profiles, add / purchase job listings, see applications, and download candidate's resumes.
Candidate Database
Candidate profiles and applications are safely stored in the job portal software. You may regularly download your database and / or perform a backup of the database manually.
Built-in Autoresponder
Our job portal software allows you to set different email notifications and password reminders to admins, employers, and job applicants.

Roman Catholic Church Software is multi-purpose Software that offers administrative services for churches and ministries. The Roman Catholic church software is associated with modern user friendly modules which smoothens the process of tracking and maintaining valuable information of the church and ministries. The core benefit of the Roman Catholic is to provide family card to the members of the church. The Roman Catholic facilitates the user in the recording of detailed information of church member and visitor’s information such as number of family members, personal details of the family members and the spiritual milestone of each and every individual member. It records the history of all activities. It allows you to maintain Membership, Contributions, Accounting, Event Scheduling, and general Record Keeping in one complete software package.It is a user friendly church management solutions.It also provides a address book of the church members. The church members are easily categorized as new comers, believers, and special believers.Provides detailed information of special ministries and their contacts.Easily customizable and easy to create church membership. Can generate reports regarding Baptism, Wedding, Death and you reports.The database search function enables to locate church member records and replace information.Can filter and sort the records of church member.Great security to information.Well organized back up database.


WIPLOG(Project Management tool) is our innovative product as the name itself suggests its a Unique tool for managing the projects, in olden days in corporate life meetings, discussions, projects completion all were done orally which used to have no proofs of the tasks done and to whom the projects were assigned what is the time duration consumed to complete the same to meet all such draw back this tool works awesome.This tool is can be implemented for all the levels and in all types of organizations we can assign the task to the employees and the due date is set after assigning ,by this employees will know when the tasks need to be completed it also shows what is the time consumed to complete the task.

A Structured place where you manage all your projects, status of the project, time consumed to complete the project a quick and brief way to view your projects.
Project manager can schedule meetings with the team members by sending notifications so that we can be able to know how many meetings conducted what are the results for the meetings and for which task meetings are conducted
Minutes of meetings recorded under notes helps for reference of major points covered in the meetings in the future
Calendar with wonderful visuals to make the users to plan their projects completion and remind undone projects.
Sort your reports instantly by selecting your parameters Clients Wise, Projects wise, Assigned tasks wise, Status wise, Priority wise just provide your parameters and just click filter option to get accurate reports
For Employees you can give their individual login other than Admin no others account is viewable.


DAILY FINANCE APP is a software application for financiers and debt collection agents. This application runs on Android based mobile and tablet devices. This application is designed to enhance the productivity of financiers to manage the loans, expenses, debt collection and other transactions. This application helps the financiers and collection agents to store their collection data effectively and securely. Also one can get any kind of report in no time.